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First To Go


First To Go

“Being in the First To Go program has been the biggest blessing. I’ve had so many amazing experiences and opportunities and it has become essential to my college experience.” – Emil Sol ’22

There are more than 730 degree-seeking, first-generation students attending Loyola Marymount University. First To Go’s mission is to reinforce the unique sources of cultural capital first-generation college students bring to LMU that creates a community promoting student success.

Emil Sol ’22 is a first-generation English and Spanish major who credits the First To Go program for his success at LMU. “When the dorms closed, some of my peers had nowhere to go. Immediately, members of the FTG community were offering their homes. It showed me how strong our community is and continues to be.”

Despite COVID-19’s impact on the LMU community, First To Go has continued to serve some of our most vulnerable students, providing practical help, virtual counseling sessions and resources through the Academic Resource Center.

While all students face the challenges of distance learning, many first-generation students have added worries, such as helping their family pay rent, food, bills, registration fees, and more due to wage and job loss. Some get little to no support as federal resources do not cover DACA students or undocumented families. All of these challenges could be the difference between a student returning to LMU in the fall or the university losing them.

Help ensure our first-generation students get the assistance they need to continue at LMU and finish their degrees strong.