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Law School Student Emergency Fund

Law School Student Emergency Fund

The LMU Loyola Law School (LLS) community has come together to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of its students. Not only has the school moved to remote instruction, it has provided more than 25 bags of groceries to law school students who would otherwise go without food, and made a commitment to sustain all scholarships for students returning in Fall 2020.

The Law School Student Emergency Fund supports students faced with unforeseen hardship in the wake of COVID-19 and sustains its commitment to its students during the global pandemic.

Your gift to the Law School Student Emergency Fund enables LLS to help students struggling with food and housing insecurity, work disruptions, and other unanticipated expenses.

Loyola Law School prepares students to tackle some of our world’s most complicated issues, and has been doing so for 100 years. It has accomplished this by giving students the experience they need to hit the ground running, to be lawyers with the ability to effect positive change from day one. During this unprecedented circumstance, LLS will ensure that students will not only survive the global health crisis, but will thrive in spite of it.

Your gift to the Law School Student Emergency Fund will help students facing unanticipated financial hardships due to COVID-19. It will support law students who are training to become attorneys for others; the change agents and problem solvers in a world that needs brilliant, thoughtful, and conscientious leaders.

Consider a gift to the Law School Student Emergency Fund today.