This project has reached its goal. Thank you for your support! 

Lion Emergency Fund

Lion Emergency Fund

The Lion Emergency Fund provides critical resources to students faced with unforeseen hardship. Your gift supports students facing food and housing insecurity, job loss or reduced hours, insufficient technology costs and other unplanned expenses due to COVID-19.

Students like Isaias Velez, political science, ’21. Isaias received an email from the Dean of Students alerting him to the available funding. As a commuter student, he relied on his meal plan for food at school. He was able to use the grant to help pay for food as well as two months of internet so he could connect to classes online and not fall behind .

“I am truly grateful that these types of funds are available to students in moments of crisis. As a son of a single mother, it was truly relieving to hear there was help available from the LMU community. My mom was laid off from work without pay and it was really stressful to know that we didn’t have much food on the table, so I truly value all the efforts the school has done in these moments of crisis.”

On March 20, Dean of Students, Dr. Terri Mangione asked the LMU Community to support the Lion Emergency Fund and you responded in a big way. To date, $84,802 has been raised by our compassionate, caring community. In addition, ASLMU and GSLMU contributed their unused student activity funds totaling another $60,000 to the fund. Unfortunately, this is not enough to meet the hundreds of requests flooding in from students like Isaias.

Your gift will have direct, immediate impact on the lives of our students as they overcome the severe financial hardships they are experiencing as a result of this global health crisis. Consider a gift to the Lion Emergency Fund today.